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SC Reaction

So, I was just finished watching Shonen Club this evening at NHK World Premium channel...
I just want to share you guys what I watched a while ago..
This evening, Shonen Club is different, Hey Say Jump was not there, even the Johnny'r Jr. it was an episode just for Kis-My-Ft2...
The performance is all about them. I think they reminiscing all bout their performance in shonen club. They even watched their own selves what are they doing during some past years. All I can say is that every year their look really change! Well, I really like their look now. :))
Sorry if I may not able to tell all the happenings, I have short term memory. But here are some pictures that I captured using my phone from our tv.

here is the part where they are answering their favorite performance

the past Johnny's arena they've done.. tamamori was embarrassed :3



Here are some of their performance they've done at shonen club



Good evening!!

I have no classes tomorrow!! /happy So, i decided to update again my journal :)) As of now, I am continuing my fiction story that I started this summer 2011, and I left for 3 months in my shelf.. dusted when class started.
The title of my fiction is "The Key to our Hearts" 
the story is all about a two different people (a boy and girl) with a different world, they don't know each other but thay are living in one home bec. of some accident or they are fated.. All of it will change until they learn how to undertsand each other.
Ughh~ I know this kind of story may be same as some of the other fiction or manga but I changed it with my own style, I put some twist in it and some many other stlyes that it can be unique from the other story that is the same.

I also want to share this again because I know somebody post it already.. that in Johnny's Net,  HSJ was like promoting their new single 'Magic Power' 

They promote and talked a little and played the short ver. of Magic Power.

HSJ @ music japan

Hey good evening guys! so.. just a while a ago, I somehow watched HSJ performing Magic Power at Music Japan. I only got to watch their performance so, I don't know if they had an interview.. My sister manage to take HSJ performing Magic Power a picture from our tv. 

Here is the picture.


I also found a video of Nakajima Raiya (yuto's brother) being interviewed by someone. :))

(credit to the owner of the vid)

Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDsCSRgRBog&feature=player_embedded


Sleepless Night

I'm still awake and its already midnight.. still doing some marketing strategies for our business proposal, downloading some videos for my Environmetal Science project and ofcourse fandoming. 
I will not forget to fandom especially JUMP is at their 4th year Anniversary as HSJ.  so sad that ryutaro wasn't there, but in my heart ryutaro is still there where hey say jump is.. soon enough ryutaro we will be back jjoining again with hsj.

 i can't post any pictures! :c


 happy birhthday SETO KOJI!!

May. 10th, 2010


busy busy busy

well... even im busy i am trying to update my livejournal..
       this past 1 week all i trying to do is our research paper, well it is hard because some of my members are not really participating even they are attending the meeting. i have no choice but to do all the works by my self.
but its fine with me, "our" research paper is almost finish, im typing it write now, that is why my back is really hurts since yesterday in the afternoon.

poem for yuto

A Guy

In this sinful world we meet a cute guy named "yuto"
we think your so near but your so far
we always think if we can be together
your a japanese and I'm a filipina
a guy with a cute and beautiful smile that we never forget even in our dreams
a guy with a hoarsing voice that make us scream
a playful boy that makes us happy and laugh
a cute guy with a messy black hair that makes us want to fix it
a guy who give is inspiration to make are dreams become real
a guy with a rossy lips we cant resists on kissing him
a one guy that we really love with all our hearts
a cute guy but can make us cry
but just a simple guy we want to marry and be his wife.

written by: fatima dawal(me) and with a help of my friend mhayou


i just getting started with my new fanfic story and he story is about a boy who has only 1 best friend and when he met a girl his personality will change..(my english SUCKS)



nyahahaha!!!!trip lng maglgay ng post...